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This service will get you 10/10 Nighthold raid bosses killed in the HEROIC mode. You will get 885-895+ ilvl gear and relics , 4 achievements: Arcing Aqueducts, Royal Athenaeum, Nightspire, Betrayer’s Rise and some Artifact Power during the boost. Raid takes 3 hours. Options available: Account sharing or Selfplayed.


1) PERSONAL LOOT: the amount of loot you will get is random and fully depends on your luck, which we wish you the most 🙂

2) MASTER LOOT: You will get all the loot of your armor type (cloth, leather, mail or plate), including socketed and titanforged items. Relics, Offsets (back, neck, rings), Tokens and Trinkets are optional and you will have to ROLL them with 2-4 other customers who can use them. GUARANTEE: at least 7 items in different slots

3) VIP MASTER LOOT: You will get ALL the loot of your armor type, Relics, Offsets (back, neck, rings), Tokens, Trinkets, including all the improved, socketed, warforged and titanforged items. GUARANTEE: at least 10 items in different slots

We guarantee at least 7 (Master Loot) or 10 (VIP ML) items in different slots. You can always get 15 or even 20 items if you’re really lucky, buy nh heroic drop is always random. Bonus roll items and items that do not upgrade count towards the guarantee. If you don’t get the guaranteed number of items during the first raid, you will be invited next time to get a GUARANTEE.
We suggest you to buy loot run in «The Nighthold»: HEROIC

Performance term: 2-3 hours | Requirements character: 110 level

— Murder 10/10 bosses of raid «The Nighthold: heroic» with Loot and without.

— Receiving objects of equipment 885 above, and also artifact power

(Upon purchase «Master Loot» — buy mage tower we guarantee receiving 7+ different item slots).

— Achievements for passing of raid in the complexity mode: heroic.

COST: Depends on the options chosen by you at execution of the order.

OPTIONS: Detailed description is stated in the subject LOOT DISTRIBUTION

(Murder of specific bosses is possible, specify at operators of the website).